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Build national security transmission discourse system - the first high-level national security discourse BBS held successfully

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The first senior national security discourse BBS on March 11, 2017 in hangzhou was held successfully. BBS sponsored by discourse in contemporary China research center of Hangzhou Normal University, in Hangzhou Normal University field national security discourse, a think-tank, was set up as an opportunity, to "build a national security communication discourse system" as the theme, the Guest National Defense University, Institute of International Relations, Nanjing Institute of International Relations, Fudan University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang Institute of Media and Communications, such as Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Party School, Hangzhou Normal University dozen experts, professors in colleges and universities.

Hangzhou Normal University discourse in contemporary China research center director professor shi-xu first welcome speech, expression of guests welcome and thank you, at the same time as center and think-tank related work are briefly introduced. Words of Hangzhou Normal University, national security, a think-tank, was established in October 2016, the core part of discourse in contemporary China research center, a think-tank members with interdisciplinary and cross-cultural verbal communication, discourse communication theory and method for the path, reveal the phenomenon and problems of national and international security, in order to provide creative Suggestions for national security strategy, promote the development of national security research system.

Leaders in the keynote speech, experts and scholars from multiple perspectives on national security issues are discussed. From national defense university professor strategy actuarial-oriented Tang Yongsheng international security situation may head for a keynote speech, put forward reform and innovation of national governance system, will fundamentally determines basic situation of countries in the international competition; Zhou Linna professor from institute of international relations, in cyber space as the starting point, analyzes the facing security challenges and countermeasures of cyberspace; Liu Hu of zhejiang institute of media and associate professor, illustrates the opportunity in China Renaissance security discourse, policy and innovation; Discourse in contemporary China research center of hangzhou normal university professor shi-xu to build the international spread of discourse system for national security issues, put forward the research and practice of the new national security view, new direction; Nanjing institute of international relations professor webber in view of the new media era of our army in the process of international communication challenges, put forward the corresponding strategies and suggestions; Nanjing institute of international relations professor Gui-yin Zhou according to the south China sea maritime security cooperation mechanism historical experience innovation Suggestions; Liao Shengqing professor of fudan university based on the transmission Angle of view, the opinion expression, network transmission order and national security.

In free discussions guests to the regional situation, the national soft power, local regional disputes and other issues to discuss, lively atmosphere. Finally, Nanjing University, the Johns Hopkins University culture research center director professor He Chengzhou summary statement, expressed center and best wishes for the future development of think-tank.

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