Journal of Multicultural Discourses The journal of the discourse and cultural diversity,

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Journal of Multicultural Discourses 《Discourse and multicultural magazine


ISSN 1747-6615(copy);ISSN 1744-7143 (printing+The electronic)Routledge

Editor: shi-xu (Hangzhou normalUniversity)

Magazine is based on the perspective of multicultural, multidisciplinary cross for the principle of international journals in the field of the study of language and culture.The aim is through to the language/media/spread/Discourse and the related research of culture, promote the harmony of world culture and prosperity.

The magazine is published five articles: (1) is different from the traditional research paradigm, cultural creative discourse research articles;(2The studies on discourse in the cultural reflection of the article(Such as western centralism);(3Oriental culture) research group of words or other marginalized groups discourse;(4) to explore how to construct help culture harmonious coexistence discourse research articles;5) explore dialogue between eastern and western different academic tradition and blend of innovation.

Editorial board consists of including Asia, Africa, and North America, Europe, and the Atlantic chau international famous experts, scholars, published by the international top companiesRoutledge, Taylor&FrancisPublished.Welcome to the university library subscriptions.

Enthusiasm and hope that the editor in chief of the Chinese culture, culture, linguistics and Chinese study foreign language academic colleagues for the new academic dynamic to defuse the situation by western academic center;Form is rooted in Chinese culture, and look at the same time the multicultural academic paradigm of the world.

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