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The first national security discourse top BBS notice

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The first national security discourse top BBS

The word spread of national security

Hangzhou 2017.3.10-11

Closely integrated to 18 the third plenary session of "the central committee of the communist party of China about certain major issue decision" comprehensively deepen reform in about "to strengthen the construction of new think-tank with Chinese characteristics, to establish and perfect the system of decision-making consultation" resolution, further advance the new university think tank construction with Chinese characteristics, the implementation of the Xi Jinping, chairman of the symposium on in the work of state security "firmly establish a seriously implement the overall national security concept, create a new situation under the new situation, state security" speech, Hangzhou Normal University, national security discourse, a think-tank, in 2017 3month 10-11 held its first national security discourse in Hangzhou top BBS.

BBS time2017 years3month11() all day on Saturday

BBS siteHangzhou north China hotel (China's people's liberation army military region in zhejiang province the first hostel)

BBS agenda:

At 8:30-9:00 meeting sign in

9 - if welcome speech

9:30-12:30 keynote speech

PM - 17:30pm keynote speech

The same - then the closing ceremony

speechGuest (in no particular order)

Tang Yongsheng

The national defense university

, deputy director of strategic actuarial-oriented) Major general professor

Lecture topic: the international security situation may go

Xiao-bo liang

National university of defense technology

Professor, vice President of the college of humanities and social science

Lecture topic: construction of military discourse from the national security

Liao Shengqing

Fudan university

The school of journalism and communication department professor

Lecture topic: opinion expression, network transmission order and national security

Liu tiger

Zhejiang institute of media and communications

Associate professor

Lecture topic: China Renaissance discourse: the safety of the opportunities, the strategy and innovation

Xiao-lei ma

National university of defense technology

College of humanities and social sciences, the defense department, deputy director of the language Associate professor

Lecture topic: western mainstream media reports on sino-japanese diaoyu island dispute discourse pattern study, a based on social network analysis

Xu shi

Hangzhou normal university.

Discourse, director of the center for contemporary China The Yangtze river scholars distinguished professor

Lecture topic: the international spread of national security

The king of wave

Nanjing institute of international relations

The head of the department professor

Lecture topic: the challenge of international communication and new media age our strategy

Wen-feng wang

China institute of contemporary international relations

"Modern international relations" editor in chief researcher

Lecture topic: trump and the changes in the American global strategy

Gui-yin zhou

Nanjing institute of international relations

Professor of international strategy

Lecture topic: south China sea maritime security cooperation mechanism - a vision about construction path

Zhou Linna

Institute of international relations

Professor, dean of the school of science and technology of information

Lecture topic: cyberspace security situation

National security discourse, a think-tank

National Security Communication Think-Tank (NSCT)

Hangzhou normal university.Discourse in contemporary China research center

Discourse think-tank established in national security2016years10Month.Think-tank in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural verbal communication, discourse communication theory and method for the path, and reveal the phenomenon and problems of national and international security, to provide creative Suggestions for national security strategy, promote the development of national security research system.

Think-tank for discourse in contemporary China research center at the core of the work, widely contact with colleges and universities at home and abroad and think-tank, hired well-known experts in national security.Center annual domestic BBS, held every two years international BBS, editor in chief of domestic and international publications (the study of contemporary Chinese words, Journal of Multicultural Discourses).

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