The eighth "discourse in contemporary China studies" seminar notice

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Inner Mongolia university of technology, Inner Mongolia university and zhejiang university, hangzhou normal university on August 21-23, 2015 (new!)In Hohhot jointly held the eighth "discourse in contemporary China studies" academic seminar.

The theme
The academic seminars, and in building China's discourse research system, the principle of promoting the development of China's total, the collection to the nation and the world about the following topics, papers in the field of (feed) :

1, the study of contemporary Chinese discourse theory, category and method
2, contemporary China (involving politics, economy, culture, national defense and security) foreign words spread
3, the contemporary Chinese literary discourse, including minority literature, cross-cultural comparisons
4, contemporary Chinese words (education, health, business) industry
5, ecological environment discourse in contemporary China

Meeting important dates
Abstract submission deadline (new) : on July 10, 2015
The issue date of the acceptance notice (new) : on July 20, 2015
The meeting date (new) : August 21-23, 2015

Abstract submission
To the field of construction and development, in order to maximize the interests of the participants, we will from three aspects as relevant sex, creativity and quality, in the form of expert evaluation to submit the strict screening.Good papers will be published in professor shi-xu editor of publications on the studies of contemporary Chinese words on a regular basis.
The requirement: 300-500 words;Attached to the name, sex, professional titles, units, email, phone number, address and zip code, etc.;(see page 2 acknowledgement in the form of Word document) at the same time to before July 10, 2015: Mary (tum);Zhang Yaqing (tum)
Participation fee of 700 yuan per person;PhD student and graduate student 300 yuan;Western scholars (Tibet, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, qinghai, gansu, guangxi, yunnan, guizhou, hainan) free fee.Transportation, accommodation.Work in the language, both kinds.

Conference website and related websites
(Inner Mongolia university of technology school of foreign languages website (discourse in contemporary China research center website)

The meeting organizer
Inner Mongolia university of technology school of foreign languages
Inner Mongolia university foreign language institute
Hangzhou normal university, discourse and cultural research center
Discourse in contemporary China, zhejiang university research center

Consulting with
If you have any questions, please email to or email to or telephone consultation:
Contact: Mary contact phone number: 0471-3602908
Contact: Zhang Yaqing Contact phone: 0471-3602368

The eighth "discourse in contemporary China studies" seminar receipt
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