The ninth session of the national "discourse in contemporary China studies" inform 03 academic discussion

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The ninth session of the national "discourse in contemporary China studies" academic seminar

Peace - security - development

2016.10.21-23, hangzhou

Notice (03) July 20, 2016

Today, China and the world in a sharp and profound changes.China is to achieve the great goal of the "Chinese dream" to strive for.Advocacy, participation of China "in all the way", "the investment bank", "cica will", "sco", "the brics" is push forward the reform of the international order.But at the same time, the strategy of "rebalancing" in Asia, "the Korean peninsula nuclear crisis", "crisis" in Ukraine, "Syrian crisis", "the south China sea dispute" and a series of unrest and brings to the human peace and security challenges.
On the academic front, the contemporary Chinese social sciences, after more than 30 years after the introduction, absorption, digestion, gradually realize the building and set up the academic system of Chinese national culture necessity, urgency and possibility, and the importance of international academic dialogue and criticism.

To promote the study of contemporary Chinese discourse system of the construction and development, and promote peace, security and development of China and the world, hangzhou normal university discourse in contemporary China research center is scheduled for October 21-23, 2016 held in hangzhou of the 9th national "discourse in contemporary China studies" academic seminar.This conference's subject is: peace - security - development.We warmly welcome domestic and international journalism and communication, international relations, international politics and national defense security, communication, language, literature and other scholars in the fields of social science and PhD students, at this conference theme within the framework of communication with Chinese style, Chinese traditional, ideas, caring, demand) across different culture, history, interdisciplinary research.

Meeting important dates
Abstract submission deadline: on August 20, 2016
The date of acceptance: on August 31, 2016
No paper acknowledgement deadline: the September 20, 2016
The meeting date: on October 21, 2016-23

Paper feed
To the field of academic construction and development, in order to maximize the interests of the participants, the organizing committee will from three aspects as relevant, innovative and credibility, the strict screening of submission.Good papers will be published in professor shi-xu editor on the studies of contemporary Chinese words.

The feed requirements: 500 words;Attached to the name, sex, professional titles, units, email, phone number, address and zip code, etc.;In the form of word documents (see page 2 receipt) on August 20, 2016 to:

Participation fee per person: 500 yuan.PhD: 200 yuan.Western scholars (Tibet, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, qinghai, gansu, guangxi, yunnan, guizhou, hainan, etc.) free fee.Transportation, accommodation.Working language is English and Chinese.

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