Peace, security, development - remember the 9th national conference on "discourse in contemporary China studies" was held successfully

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The 9th national conference on "discourse in contemporary China studies" on October 21 solstice 23, 2016 successfully held in hangzhou normal university.The meeting by hangzhou normal university school of foreign languages, hangzhou normal university jointly organized by discourse in contemporary China research center, attracted from all over the country more than 160 experts and scholars, more than our school teachers and students to participate in the meeting and speak.Conference to "peace, security, development" as the theme, in view of the word culture research, the international media "Chinese words" research, development, national security discourse bisected, as well as the theory and method research topics for discussion.

On October 22nd at 8:30, the conference began.Shi-xu discourse in contemporary China research center director meeting in our school, zhejiang province, vice President of the HKCSS Shao Qing, Yang lei, vice President of hangzhou normal university dean, foreign languages institute honor respectively welcome speech, expressed the true wishes, and delegates to extend our warm welcome.Professor yan liu at the same time, the national defense science and technology university, zhejiang university, Dr Dan-tong zhao, respectively, as a representative of the meeting expressed the conference successfully held the good hope.

On October 22nd morning and October 23 afternoon respectively keynote of the conference.Among them, the school of international studies, renmin university of China professor shi yinhong, professor Zhao Xiaozhuo defense relations research center of China and the United States military academy of sciences, institute of technology in xiamen wen-ge Chen, an associate professor, foreign economic and trade university professor, associate professor, national university of defense technology JiaoXinPing Feng Jie yun, at zhongnan university of economics and law, associate professor, nanjing institute of international relations Li Zhanzi Yuan Yuan Wang Xuelei, hangzhou normal university professor, associate professor in renmin university of China professor Jia Wenshan around the theme of peace, security and development thoroughly the discussion and exploration.In addition, set up a question-and-answer session in particular, the convention delegates are topics of common interest, positive interaction with a scholar, exchange views, a new collision sparks.

Keynote speech after subsequently conducted workshops and splendor, the scholars actively to share and exchange their latest achievements of the studies on the discourse in China, presents the academic trend of schools of thought contend, the flowers.Words in "cultural studies" in the group discussion, the scholars is a classic contemporary interpretation, cultural discourse theory research, the present cultural discourse case study carried on the thorough exchange and the discussion;In the international media 'Chinese discourse studies "seminar, scholars' study focuses on global hot topic of discourse analysis, such as the south China sea to arbitration, the Chinese dream, refugee problem;In the "national security discourse studies" group discussion, scholars from different visual Angle, in view of the problems related to national security, as different types, different areas of the discourse done in-depth research and analysis;In the "theory research" team discussion, each scholar research paradigm of the discourse and research methods to do the further discussion, such as by professor shi-xu across different history, culture, put forward a set of contemporary Chinese discourse studies should follow the principles of general method.All group discussion in diverse cultural discourse study Angle, way and changeful, the scholars use rigorous sincere academic communication attitude won the applause for himself.

Meeting summary statement stage, anhui normal university, the Hong Kong polytechnic university Wu Dongying Ding Yunliang professor, associate professor of hangzhou normal university Wu Geji separately on each group discussion results to the scholars made a report.Subsequently, nanjing normal university, sichuan international studies university ke-qin Lin XinBin professor and hangzhou normal university professor shi-xu the meeting made a summary statement, expressed good hope and wish for the future development of the assembly.

The conference successfully held for cultural discourse research scholars provides academic exchange platform, is an academic promotion event, is a feast to draw nutrition of thinking!

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